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Living by Our Christian Values: Together in Faith, Hope and Love

Enhance Academy Trust

Horbury Bridge Academy is a proud member of Enhance Academy Trust. Enhance Academy Trust is a Church of England Multi-Academy Trust comprising of twelve primary schools located across Wakefield and Kirklees and a post-16 performing arts free school. The Trust was established in 2012 as a sponsor of Church of England and Community Schools.

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Enhance Academy Trust Vision

Enhance Academy Trust aims to deliver improved educational outcomes and learning skills to enable our young people to live well in the world around them. We also aim to allow our academy leaders and staff to develop the individual character of our academies so they can best serve their local communities.

Our vision will be developed and delivered through the following four themes: -

Our Church – recognising through faith, and the Church of England, how we can give a better start to our pupils through the development of academic rigour and through the development of well-rounded personalities.

Our pupils – recognising them as individuals and preparing them to enjoy learning; to enjoy achieving; and to live life well.

Our staff – recognising their importance and value and to support their development allowing them to flourish.

Our communities – recognising and respecting the individuality of the communities we serve and encouraging our academies to work with each community.

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