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A people without the knowledge of their past history, origin and culture is like a tree without roots.

Marcus Garvey 

Our History Principles

Pupils should:

  • know that history is a subject focussing on learning about the past.
  • understand that ‘evidence’ is at the heart of history - and what kinds of evidence we can use.
  • understand that versions of history can be different - because people have different opinions.
  • know their place in history – history is a timeline and what has gone before is all history.
  • understand that history is divided into periods – often linked to Monarchs, Empires or Dynasties.
  • know the key knowledge identified in each unit, so that they have a firm knowledge base to continue studying.

Our history curriculum is mapped across the year groups in three forms: substantive knowledge, disciplinary knowledge and vocabulary.

Substantive knowledge includes information about the past in terms of people, events, dates, states of affairs and places. This is based on the knowledge specified in the National Curriculum.

Disciplinary knowledge relates to how historians learn about the past and construct their understanding of it. Our aim is for pupils to learn more, do more and remember more.

We teach vocabulary explicitly alongside the substantive and disciplinary concepts.

For a more detailed look at our History Curriculum, please see the History Overview Document below  or  download here

history overview hba.pdf