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Our exploration of Ancient Egypt includes:

  • Investigating what an archaeologist does and presenting this using iMovie
  • Writing a letter of application to join an archaeological dig
  • Considering the features of Egyptian paintings and what these represent
  • Writing the diary of the Water Boy who discovered Tutankhamun's tomb
  • Designing a 'grabber' using levers, to pick up objects through a hole in the tomb doorway 
  • Debating the morals and ethics of tomb excavations: was Howard Carter just a tomb robber?
  • Mummifying fruit
  • Handling real Ancient Egyptian objects at Leeds Discovery Centre
  • Writing 'Trip Advisor' reviews of the Discovery Centre

 Leeds Discovery Centre




 Art, mummification, technology

Stone Age

We spent the day in Coxley Woods, finding out how Stone Age people might have lived.

At Cresswell Crags, we  explored an ice age cave, looked at the style of cave paintings and found out about the tools used for hunting and survival 

Coxley Woods Stone Age Day


Cresswell Crags