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Eco Work

Eco Team Review

View the Eco Team's summary here: Eco Team Review

Road Safety

Travel and transport are areas that our Eco Team are working on towards our  Bronze Eco Award. We now have 2 Junior Road Safety Officers-Zach and Imogen-who have been supporting the Wakefield Road Safety Advisers who led workshops in school this week. One activity was to check parking outside school and everyone was very impressed with how considerately and safely our parents park although some other drivers were not so careful when parking outside the shop! Thank you to everyone who has already returned their ‘Parent Parking Promise’ which is good evidence for the Eco Team of the work we are doing. 

30 Days Wild

The Eco Team are also working with Mrs Stearne to promote a Wildlife Trust event: 30 Days Wild which starts on 1st June for a month. This encourages children and their families to bring a little nature into their lives every day in June. The Eco Team are organising lunchtime activities each week for this and over the holiday we will be emailing a copy of the wallchart and details of a competition we are running for those children who would like to take part. http://www.mywildlife.org.uk/30dayswild/