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Our Global Family: Mara

Bega qwa bega (Shoulder to shoulder) with Tanzania: Feb 2017

In February 2017 Mrs Skinner and Mrs Partington visited Tanzania with Leeds Diocese.

They had the chance to visit Mmazami school, our link in Tanzania who we have worked closely with.

Mrs Partington sums up the experience in her report: 

Report from Mrs Partington

Christmas in Mmazami School, Mara

We have heard from our link school in Mara about how they celebrate Christmas. Here is what they have told us:

Christmas is a great time in Mara. It is widely celebrated by both adults and children of all ages. It is a special time for renewing people’s faith. It is a time of great joy, children are bought new clothes and shoes. Churches and homes are all decorated with flowers, tree leaves and special brightly coloured pieces of fabrics. Choir rehearsals and dancing takes place in most of the schools and children really enjoy this.

On Christmas day special meals are prepared, usually this would be rice and chicken. A few parents (those who can afford it) buy their children sodas, juices or sweets. Also some children make their own toys to play with or to give to their friends.

The video below shows the children at Mmazami School practising a dance to perform for their families and friends.

Our First Photos from Mmazami

We have linked with Mmazami Primary School in Mara, Tanzania.

The Diocese of West Yorkshire and the Dales and Mara Diocese are closely linked. Our first photos from Mmazami show the children eating lunch outside as they have no dining hall.

Water for Life: Harvest Appeal

At Harvest, we supported the ‘Water for Life’ project to bring clean water to areas of Mara. 

Our ‘Buckets of Change’ class challenge and our games and stalls event also raised money, bringing the total raised by both school and Church to over £700

Thank You!